About Eleven and This Blog

(Musical styles typically covered: Americana, Electronic, Folk, Funk, Hip-Hop, Indie, Neo-Soul, World Music and more)

You know how you feel when you hear THE song?  The powerful, emotional pull. The intimate connection with an artist you don’t know at all. The clapping, foot-stomping fun.

That’s what I’m about. I crave the high of the ultimate song. Luckily there’s not just one. So, day and night, I raid my music subscription service, looking for great songs. I listen to everything (okay, not classical music or opera or 80s techno) but everything else.

So join me on my journey. I’ll focus on new songs (as opposed to albums) from artists you may not have heard of, but whose music is creative, exciting and not manufactured.

By the way, if you see comments in red in my blog posts, that means I added them after my original posting.

All the best

— L. Evan (Eleven) Krause


Here’s a little info about me.

Started playing drums at eight.
Attended High School for the Performing & Visual Arts in Houston.
Studied music at University of Houston until musical meltdown.
Graduated from UH with a degree in Journalism.
Have listened to a lot of great songs since.
Claim to fame: played with Liza Minnelli once at a wedding gig.


2 responses to “About Eleven and This Blog

  1. I would like to submit an artist for review.
    Can I send you a Digital Press Kit?

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