A Review of ‘Made of Stone’ by Kylie Auldist – Funky Up & Comer from Down Under

The song, “Made of Stone,” by Australian soul singer Kylie Auldist, grooves so hard, you may start dancing just reading this review. Joined by The Bamboos, an Australian funk outfit, Auldist sings on this track like she has some truth to get out there, with the confidence to make you listen.

Listen to the song here

The experience is thrilling and at the same time jarring, as demonstrated in Auldist’s lyrics: “I’m made of stone, I’m made of steel, I stand alone, and I’m me for real. I’m made of stone and I’m made of steel, I’ll be here when you’re gone, like a wall that stands its own.” Supported by the jabs of her tight band, Auldist may just make you feel like you’ve been thrown against a brick wall, only to find you love it.

Auldist is rooted firmly in the tradition of female soul singers who most recently have included Angie Stone, Ledisi, Amy Winehouse, Nikka Costa, Laura Izibor and others. But don’t think Kylie is too enmeshed in the musical world to not understand everyday life. On her blog, called “Tales of the Wondrous and Mundane,” the Melbourne-based singer says, “I’m Kylie, suburban wife and mother of two by day, superstar soul singer by night.”

When this author recently became a Facebook friend of Auldist, I was pleasantly surprised to see that she responds to questions and comments from her fans (of which I am one).

So check out the song “Made of Stone,” on the album, “Made of Stone” by Kylie Auldist, released Aug. 25, 2009, Tru Thoughts Ltd.

Websites – http://kylieauldist.com, http://www.myspace.com/kylieauldistmusic and http://kylieauldist.com/blog.

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